Using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is essential in the 21st century classroom.   Qualified teacher librarians play an integral role in developing your child’s understanding of how ICTs can be used as an essential part of learning.

Teacher librarians

  • Teach the skills of information literacy: defining, locating, analysing and using information
  • Locate appropriate digital resources for teachers and students;
  • Teach how to effectively and efficiently find information on the web and in the deeper databases of the web;
  • Develop an understanding of how to critically anaylse digital information – who, why, when, where, what;
  • Provide students with opportunities to investigate questions they have on a topic;
  • Enable students to communicate in local, national and global environments safely connecting them with issues beyond their classroom;
  • Give creative opportunities to share ideas and information through wikis, blogs, video conferencing;
  • Create web generated lessons such as webquests, book raps, learning objects ………
  • Develop a web awareness so children understand health, safety, legal and ethical issues as discriminate users.

2003 MCEETYA Statement of Learning for Information and Communication Technologies:

The ability of individuals to use ICT appropriately to access, manage and evaluate information, develop new understandings, and communicate with others in order to participate effectively in society.


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