Information Literacy

Qualified teacher librarians make a difference to student learning.

Qualified teacher librarians help plan instructional units and help resource and teach those units. They provide professional development for teachers in information literacy.  They develop programs to integrate information literacy across the curriculum. Libraries can make a positive difference to students’ self-esteem, confidence, independence and sense of responsibility in regard to their own learning (Lonsdale, 2003, p.1).

Studies, such as “Student Learning Through Ohio School Libraries” , show “that an effective school library, lead by a credentialed school librarian who has a clearly defined role in information-centered pedagogy, plays a critical role in facilitating student learning for building knowledge” (Dr. Ross Todd, 2003).

Indeed, a California study has shown the difference having a school librarian can make to students attending college. And this New York schools study demonstrated that students attending schools with certified school librarians scored almost 10 points higher in their English Language Arts test.

And students value TLs who are flexible and responsive.  A study involving over 5000 students, Student Learning through Australian School Libraries by Lyn Hay (Part 1 and Part 2),  has shown that students know TLs help them in their research and help them to succeed.


What is Information Literacy?


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